# Summary

When creating new user interfaces effects can make a difference between a dull interface and a sparkling interface. In this chapter we've looked at particle effects and shaders.

Particles provide a powerful and fun way to express graphical phenomena like smoke. firework, random visual elements. The particles look are playful and have a great potential when used wisely to create some eye catcher in any user interface. Using too many particle effects inside a user interface will definitely lead to the impression towards a game. Creating games is also the real strength of the particles.

Shaders can be used to take the QML scene to the next level. Using vertex shaders it is possible to change the shape of elements, while fragment shaders are used to alter the texture of an element, e.g. changing the colour, or transforming the surface to produce effects such as waves.

In this chapter we've scratched the surface of these two topics. For the interested reader, there are many more possibilities to explore.