# Particle Concept

In the heart of the particle simulation is the ParticleSystem which controls the shared timeline. A scene can have several particles systems, each of them with an independent time-line. A particle is emitted using an Emitter element and visualized with a ParticlePainter, which can be an image, QML item or a shader item. An emitter provides also the direction for particle using a vector space. Particle ones emitted can’t be manipulated by the emitter anymore. The particle module provides the Affector, which allows manipulating parameters of the particle after it has been emitted.

Particles in a system can share timed transitions using the ParticleGroup element. By default, every particle is on the empty (‘’) group.


  • ParticleSystem - manages shared time-line between emitters
  • Emitter - emits logical particles into the system
  • ParticlePainter - particles are visualized by a particle painter
  • Direction - vector space for emitted particles
  • ParticleGroup - every particle is a member of a group
  • Affector - manipulates particles after they have been emitted