# Storage

In this chapter we discuss how to store and retrieve data from Qt Quick. Qt Quick offers only limited ways of storing local data directly. In this sense, it acts more like a browser. In many projects storing data is handled by the C++ backend and the required functionality is exported to the Qt Quick frontend side. Qt Quick does not provide you with access to the host file system to read and write files as you are used from the Qt C++ side. So it would be the task of the backend engineer to write such a plugin or maybe use a network channel to communicate with a local server, which provides these capabilities.

Every application needs to store smaller and larger information persistently. This can be done locally on the file system or remote on a server. Some information will be structured and simple (e.g. settings), some will be large and complicated for example documentation files and some will be large and structured and will require some sort of database connection. Here we will mainly cover the built-in capabilities of Qt Quick to store data as also the networked ways.