Aug 6, 2018

See Qt at SIGGRAPH 2018

The Qt Company will participate at the upcoming SIGGRAPH event in Vancouver, Canada from August 12-16, 2018. Along with partner, KDAB, Qt will showcase the reasons why many developers see the Qt application development framework as the tool of choice for digital content creation tools, game engines, 3D modeling tools and more. Also, at the event Qt will be demonstrating the new Qt for Python, PySide2, the official Qt binding for Python.

“SIGGRAPH has always been the place to go to for the latest and greatest in computer graphics. At Qt, we are excited to showcase the ways in which Qt has been used throughout the industry as the application framework of choice. This year we will also show the renewed and official Python bindings for Qt - Qt for Python” said Harald Kjølberg, Senior Product Manager at the Qt Company.

Highlights from Qt and its customers and partners at SIGGRAPH include:

Qt for Python: The official set of Python bindings that will supercharge Python applications. It is based on Qt 5.11 and currently supports Python 2.7, 3.5+ on Windows, macOS and Linux.
Autodesk Maya 2019 on Qt 5: The next generation of Maya has been transitioned from Qt 4 to Qt 5.6 (updates to the latest version of Qt 5.12 expected to ready late this year).
KDAB Python Tron Demo: This rendering of a Tron bike uses QtQuick and the Qt 3D QML API to create the UI and instantiate the 3D scene. In addition, the new Qt for Python is used for the backend logic, data processing and models and definition of the custom Qt 3D meshes elements needed to use in the UI.
The Nanoquill Project: Help cancer research by coloring a cancer cell printed on the wall of the Qt booth. Developed by Qt, KDAB, Qi (Quantitative Imaging Systems) and Oregon Health & Science University, the Nanoquill project uses crowdsourcing to color cancer cells to be turned into 3D and quantitative measurements that biologist use to better understand how tumor biology works.

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